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As you well know skate boarding was invented by Michael J Fox in 1955 by using some roller skates and a crate (from memory) when he went Back to the Future, and ever since then it's really taken off.

Skateboarding, like many of the things that Sacred Ride concerns itself with - is cool, awesome, hip, and fitness-based.

Jindabyne is one of the few places where skateboarding is just NOT considered a crime - but openly ENCOURAGED as a pretty damn cool activity from all levels of the local community. As many of you know, in cities like Sydney, skateboarders are held with the same contempt in the community as tax collectors and people in the advertising industry. Not round here!

Back in 2006 the local kids (and hats off to them too) and a number of businesses collaborated and built the local skatepark where kids of all ages intermingle and check out their skills. whilst pitching wheels against concrete. And let me tell you they did a pretty shmick job of it too.

After something a little bit easier to handle then Razor scooters have become a staple for kids for well-over a decade, and as sure as there's bugs on a bumper, we carry them.




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