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I'm not sure who you blame (our guess is hip-hop stars and Nike), but at some stage in the 1990s Sporting apparel became not just a fashion item, but pretty much THE standard of urban/street/ hell even FUNERAL attire for two entire generations - that continues to this day

This had obviously led to a mass-explosion of thousands upon thousands of OLD AND NEW brands - from the most unlikely of sources - all jockeying for part of the action.


But the big winner is the market itself, where the average skateboard fanatic can deck him or herself out in the coolest of threads in or out of the skate-park.

We stock an enormous range of hip caps, shirts and pants for skate boarders and riders alike.

And if you're looking for shoes or knee or wrist protection... look no further.

Our entire stock is heavily rotated, so drop by from time to time and see what we have.



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