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As good as a bike comes off-the-rack, regular use and wearing occur and regular servicing will be required. Our mechanics are more than capable of regular servicing and tuning, but three times a week our Guru comes in and takes on the heavy stuff.

Servicing includes:

• General Servicing - tune brakes, gears, adjust hubs, bottom bracket, headset, true wheels etc - • Basic Servicing - gears/brakes/safety check - ideal for kids bikes etc. • Gear serving • Brake servicing • Wheel trueing • Tube / tyre replacement • Hub servicing • Suspension fork servicing • Rear shock servicing • Brake tuning and bleeding • Wheel building

But things do wear out and we carry a huge range or replacement parts, and in many cases improve the componentry that came off the rack. The most common modifications/replacement parts are listed below:


Upgrading brakes is fairly standard stuff, usually replacing V-brakes with higher-duty disc-brakes. Disk brake have three obvious benefits (1) They are stronger (2) They stop you faster (3) They require a lot less effort to apply/keep applying.

This may not appear instantly as huge benefits right here and now, but coming down a mountain your situation may seem different.

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