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If you're either living in or visiting the Snowy Mountains, then a mountain bike is an absolute must. Come in and have a look at our wide range of excellent Giant and Norco hard-tail or dual-shocked mountain bikes.  Available in all kids and adult sizes, for all budgets.
We also have an enormous range of accessories, helmets and clothing and have a comprehensive parts and service centre to keep your bike in tip-top shape.
Not willing to lay your dollars, down? Fair enough, why not hire a bike and all your gear for one or more of the fantastic trails available in the Snowy Mountains region.

BMX's speak for themselves, great for town or skate-park, and a rather slick way to get to school. These bikes are low on cost, low on maintenance and let's face it, pretty damn robust. BMX's have changed over the years, and are now pieces of art in their own right. Come in and check out our range soon - before we buy them ourselves.
OK, we admit, a Cruiser is not for everyone.
Which is good, as then nobody would stand out in the world of cool. Cruisers are fun, and something a bit different. By definition, they are simply for cruising and that said, Jindabyne is a great place to cruise. The paved track offers a great way to get down to the lake or shops and show one of these babies off.
If your idea of cool music is Dean Martin and your idea of a cool drink is a dry martini, then your idea of a cool bike will be a cruiser.
Oooookayyyyyyyyyy. If you're keen, we're keen.
Mountain biking is a pretty hard-arsed thing to tackle and if you're the kind of cat who laughs in the face of fear, then boy have we got some gear for you. A downhill bike is like the leopard tank of bikes, tough, heavy and one smooth ride over pretty much anything in its way. Not only do we have the bike for you, but we have all the downhill helmets, body armour, gloves and accessories that your average (if there is such thing) downhill rider is going to need.
Come in and we'll kit you up.
Road bikes are a speciality. And the Snowy Mountains is a great place for hitting the roads and we carry racing bikes in stock. As, in our opinion, buying a road bike off-the-rack is a recipe for discomfort.
What we do is look at the best bike for you giving a certain number of factors, budget of course being a major one (as no doubt you appreciate, roads bikes span several thousands of dollars) . Then what we do is use our knowledge to choose the best bike to suit you and then use our purchasing power to buy you that bike at the best price possible.
We then brief our service team so they feel comfortable in knowing that they have a grasp of being able to service and supply parts for your bike in the future.

Kids love bikes. As you probably well know, more bikes are sold in Australia than cars.  The majority of those sales are driven by sales to children.
The down-side (from our perspective) is that kids bikes are made with safety in mind, which obviously means sturdiness. Which means these days kids bikes are made to last!  A good kids' bike has a decade of hard-wearing in its life, and can be handed down from one child to another to another, so should be looked as as an investment as much as a purchase.

Being warm-and-fuzzy about it, hiding exercise as fun is a great way to keep your child fit and active through their early life, and form life-long habits in fitness and well-being.
We've probably got the perfect children's bike in stock right now.




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