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Our store is bursting at the seams with all the accessories you could ever need - and a hell of a lot you probably don't. Below is a cross-section of things that we offer off-the-rack, including a whole bunch of fun stuff for the kids too.

We always carry in stock: Spare wheels; Tyres; Grips; Pedals; Spoki-dokes; Saddles; Handle-bars; Shocks; Forks; Brakes; Tools (pocket screwdrivers, hex-keys, tyre levers etc)

We also carry helmets and clothing (Including shoes and gloves), not to mention spare parts.


There are two types of lights, lights so you can SEE, and lights so people can see YOU.


Both are a good idea. Lights vary in style, cost and effectiveness.


Come on in and we'll illuminate you the best possible way.


Having to fix a puncture in the middle of what would otherwise be a perfect day is nobody's idea of fun, so it's always a good idea to carry a few of these babies. Tubes vary in size, thickness, and valve-style. They are the least expensive insurance policy you're going to buy.


Being stranded in the middle of a ride with a flat tyre is a negative on the fun scale. Once again a small investment will pay off big time if you need to fix a leak or replace a tube mid-way through your journey.  Much of the terrain in the Snowies is sharp granite, so punctures are not uncommon.  Carrying a spare Inner Tube or TWO certainly speeds up the process, then you can fix the damaged tube on your return over a refreshing drink.


A guy in a bike shop many years ago told me "In all earnesty, there's no purpose having a bike unless you have a cycle computer... " and you know what - he was pretty right.  Computers are an excellent way of gauging how far you have ridden in your trip, be it a road or mountain bike, your average and top speeds, but more importantly your total monthly and annual riding. You might be alarmed/pleased to discover that you've probably ridden to Perth and back this year.


Carrying water is an absolute MUST - especially in the dry region of the Snowy Mountains. We recommend each rider heading out for a ride carry at LEAST 500mL per hour of riding. We also carry in stock Camel-back style water reserves. A water bottle is not a bad idea of getting that annoying spare change out of your pockets. Fresh and healthy spring water is available from many streams, including half-way up Mt Kosciuszko for re-fills.


No point in the little-ones missing out on the sights and sounds of the Snowy Mountains - Drag them along!

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